Genetics Unit – Lesson 4

What a week!  I am so proud of my students for staying on track and doing an outstanding job presenting their DNA Replication projects to the class.  Students who did not present this week are expected to present at the beginning of class on Tuesday.  Today we learned about the Central Dogma concept (Lesson 4).  We explored how introns are excised from mRNA by the spliceosome and the resulting mRNA exits the nucleus and is translated into protein by a ribosome.  Students received a set of notes to use for review and which should be very helpful in completing the Central Dogma Crossword Puzzle.  The crossword puzzle is due next Thursday (January 30).  Students who would like to extend their learning about introns should consider reading “New Genes Spring, Spread from Non-Coding DNA” and share your learning with the class!

As a reminder, the DNA Base Pairing Worksheet was due today.