Heredity Projects

Congratulations to the students who received a Golden Ticket for completing their Biology Task!  Students who submitted final drafts on or before last Friday (2/14) received grades.  Students who did not submit a final draft remain eligible for a Silver Ticket.  Tasks receiving a score below proficient are eligible for one additional final Golden Ticket review on or before Friday, February 28, after which only Silver Tickets will be issued.  Remember, Seniors and Sophomores may only defend Tasks that receive a Golden Ticket.  All students must receive either a Gold or Silver Ticket to receive credit for a class.

Because of the short week, students are working on their Heredity Projects.  These short reports are due next Monday (February 24) and should be uploaded to Ms. H’s Dropbox.  There is a Heredity Project folder in each class period.  The Heredity Projects will supplement lessons next week on multi-trait Punnett Square analysis and the inheritance of traits through changes to DNA.

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