Evolution – Mini-Unit Wrap-Up

To better understand how DNA mutation drives evolution, students worked through the HHMI’s BioInteractive lesson titled Creating Phylogenetic Trees from DNA Sequences.  Students completed the accompanying PDF worksheet prepared by HHMI.

The Evolution mini-lesson concludes on Friday.  Students will have all day in class on Friday to read up to four articles and respond to questions about the articles.  Students must read the first two articles (1- Carsonella ruddii and 2- Dogs First Domesticated in Europe) and thoroughly answer the questions to earn a grade of Developing (equivalent to a C).  Students who read and answer the questions from the third article (3- And the Genomes Keep Shrinking with questions) will earn a grade of Proficient (equivalent to a B).  To earn a grade of Advanced, students must read the fourth article (4- Vitamin C Evolution) and write a one paragraph summary explaining what they learned, what confused them, what they want to learn more about, and how they would obtain the information they want to learn.

Many students elected to take the reading packet in advance in order to complete the reading on Friday.  However, students do have the option of completing the reading over Spring Break and returning the completed work on Monday, April 14.


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