Consolidation of Crypto Holdings

In preparation for our lesson integrating the concept of cryptocurrencies into the ecosystems portion of our systems biology unit, I have been researching exchanges for the various eco-themed altcurrencies we have received from many generous donors.  Ideally, there would be one exchange to house all of these currencies, but the reality is quite different.  In an effort to maximize class time and provide students with an opportunity to learn how to execute trades, I have decided to consolidate currencies I have donated (from @dogetutor) on Cryptsy in the form of DogeCoins.  I will discuss with students our options for handling the remaining donated coins.  Options include:

1. Students sign up for additional exchanges to receive the altcurrency

2. Students download the altcurrency wallet on their own computer and send their deposit address

3. I trade our holding(s) for DogeCoins, transfer the DOGE to Cryptsy, and distribute to each student

My purpose in sharing this is to reinforce the importance of transparency.  I have selected DOGE as the common currency because of the low transfer fee, it’s ubiquity on the various exchanges, and the interest students have shown in acquiring that particular currency.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated!