Nature of Science: Measuring in Metric

The lesson today focused on using a ruler to measure lines using centimeters and millimeters.  During the first half of the lesson, students used index cards and a leveling device to level their desks.  Many of our classroom desks have uneven legs, so students placed stacks of index cards under the desk legs to make them level.  Students then had the option of using a level, a level app on their phone, or a marble to determine when their desk was level.  Once the desk was level, students made a table in their lab notebooks and reported the number of index cards under each table leg, as well as the thickness of each index card stack in millimeters.  During the second part of class, students watched a brief video on the Golden Ratio.  Students then practiced measuring the distance between facial features (first on a worksheet and then on their partner) and calculated the ratios of the distances to determine how their data compared with the Golden Ratio.  Tomorrow we debate whether the Golden Ratio should be considered science or pseudoscience.


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