Cells and Homeostasis: Eggsperiment Day 3

The students placed their shell-less eggs in various solutions today in order to evaluate the interaction of a cell membrane with an external environment.  The purpose of the experiment is to help shed light on a case study the students read about a guy named Josh who worked hard all day in the hot sun and became ill despite drinking energy drinks and juice.  In the experiment, students placed eggs in tap water, distilled water, a saturated salt solution, a 10% light corn syrup solution (sugar water), grape or orange Gatorade, Dr. Pepper, or Coke Zero.  The students measured and recorded the mass of each egg prior to placing them in their assigned liquid, and they will record the mass again tomorrow.

While students were hard at work conducting their lab, I joined Mrs. Tessandore at a Project Lead The Way conference at Seattle University.  We are exploring the possibility of bringing the Biomedical Science curriculum to our school in the near future.