Cells and Homeostasis: Conclusion Writing

Students wrote conclusions today summarizing the outcomes of their “eggsperiment” lab.  Conclusions consisted of the following elements:

  1. A summary of your understanding of the egg lab results you selected to include in your graph
  2. Define your next experiment
  3. A hypothesis for how your next experiment would turn out

Bonus: We recently measured the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide present both in our classroom and bubbling off of five eggshells dissolving in vinegar.  To capture the gases, Styrofoam cups were placed over the cups containing the eggs in vinegar.  An opening just large enough for the probes was cut in the cups, allowing us to measure O2 and CO2 without losing those gases to the classroom air.  Here are the results, clearly indicating an increase in carbon dioxide building up in the cups over time as the eggshells began dissolving in vinegar.  What other trends do you see?  What happens to the amount of oxygen measured coming off the eggs?  Remember, 2nd period did not record cup oxygen values, so that piece of data is missing.


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