Cells and Homeostasis: Quiz and Vocabulary

Students took a pop quiz today.  After several lessons spent studying the interaction of cells and the environment, it was time to apply student learning to the environment of blood cells in plasma.  Although the scenario was unfamiliar to most students, the principles they have learned thus far can be readily applied.  In addition, the quiz served as a grade check, as students who had taken quality notes and spent time studying those notes outside of class were able to work quickly through the quiz.  After the quiz, students were introduced to 5 new vocabulary words, each directly relevant to the quiz content and which served to reinforce learning that took place in lessons prior to the quiz.  Students will have the opportunity to revisit quiz content very soon in order to demonstrate understanding of the content.

Update: On Friday, students worked with their table groups to revise their quizzes, integrating their learning of the vocabulary concepts from Thursday.