Energy, Matter, and Organization: Quiz Review

On Friday, students received their scored quizzes back.  We reviewed how the quiz was scored, and students had the opportunity to ask questions about the quiz content.  Students then had the remainder of the class period to check grades in Illuminate, identify missing assignments, and then to locate and print missing assignments to complete over the Winter Break.  School will resume on Monday, January 5.

Over the break, I strongly encourage my students to spend 20 minutes each day reading about biology topics related to energy, matter, and organization.  Students should write a one-paragraph summary of each page of reading they complete (cite the source!) and return the summary paragraphs for 5 points of extra credit per paragraph.  The reading should be related to our current unit of study, so look for credible scientific articles about:

  • how cells obtain and use energy (photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and metabolism)
  • how the chemical elements are organized into biomolecular structures (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids)
  • how cell organelles are involved in the metabolism (anabolism and catabolism) of biomolecular structures to maintain homeostasis inside and outside the cell
  • how diet impacts the function of an organism at the level(s) of cells, tissues, organs, or the whole organism

Need help locating credible scientific sources?  Visit the Keep Learning! page for a list of websites (scroll down).