Energy, Matter, and Organization: Baggie Garden Experiment – Day 1

Happy New Year!   Hard to believe we are only three weeks away from the end of first semester!  Before Winter Break, we began our study of cellular respiration and briefly touched on photosynthesis.  Today we began studying plant biology by identifying testable experimental variables associated with plant seed germination.  Tomorrow, students will establish baggie gardens in order to test whether their selected variable impacts seed germination and/or seedling growth.  Our collective data will enable us to make detailed scientific observations and conclusions about factors affecting seed germination, seedling growth, and photosynthesis.  Along the way, students will practice the art of inquiry by:

  • identifying variables (manipulated, responding, and controlled)
  • writing hypothesis statements (using the if…then…because… format)
  • writing a detailed experimental procedure (incorporating the concepts of validity, reliability, repeated trials, and experimental control conditions)
  • recording, organizing, and analyzing detailed observations
  • writing a conclusion statement

Students will be expected to produce a typed lab report which includes a data table and a graph of the data.


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