Energy, Matter, and Organization: Baggie Garden Experiment – Day 2

Students conducted their Baggie Garden experiments today, setting up their experiment bags and one or more experimental control bags.  We began class with a brief overview of the day, and then students worked alone or in pairs to write a high-level experimental procedure.  Once their procedure was reviewed and teacher-approved, the students assembled their baggie gardens, using the resources available to test their hypotheses.  After setting up the gardens, students were prompted to respond in their lab notebooks to the following questions:

  • Measured Experimental Outcome:
  • How will you collect your results?
  • Where will your result be documented?
  • How will you analyze your results?
  • How will you interpret your results?

Tomorrow we will make our first experimental observations and then discuss how to organize how to collect and organize data relevant to each group’s research question.


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