Energy, Matter, and Organization: Baggie Garden Experiment – Day 4

Observations were in full-swing today.  We began class with a brief review of how to create a data table.  Students were also introduced to seed germination vocabulary and instructed to sketch out and label the parts of visible to them as their seeds germinate.  The slides are attached here.  Several students took advantage of the temperature probes and recorded the temperature of their seeds in each of the location where they are being kept during the experiment.  Students also had access the supplies used during the experiment (to complete the Materials section of their lab reports) and were also encouraged to edit their Procedures as needed.  Finally, students had access to the class computers and were encouraged to begin writing out the Materials and Procedure sections of their lab reports.

Note: I conferenced with students identified as being in danger of failing (currently holding a D or an F in biology for the semester).  I explained how each student could improve their grade and earn credit.  Students then signed and returned copy of the Notification of Failing Grade / Action Plan form, and took another copy home to be signed by a parent.  Signed forms must be returned by Monday, January 12.


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