Energy, Matter, and Organization: Baggie Garden Experiment – Day 6

Today marked the final day of observations and data collection for the Baggie Garden experiment.  Before looking at their bags, students received instruction about the process of data analysis (see attached slides).  We discussed the importance of providing written context to data table content, as well as things to consider when selecting the appropriate type of graph for a lab report.  After entering their final observations of their baggie gardens in their lab notebooks, students had the option of taking their bags of seeds home and continuing to make observations outside of class for extra credit.  We will be in the computer lab on Thursday, and students are encouraged to write the Materials and Procedure sections of their lab reports using Microsoft Word in advance of Thursday.

Note: Highline Public Schools students receive a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 for use at home!  Students should use their school email and password to log in at to download the software.


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