Energy, Matter, and Organization: Lab Report Introduction

I was home sick today, so my sub instructions are given below, and accompany this slide deck.

Slide 1 – Objectives are also written on the board by the door.  Yesterday, students learned that seeds require water, oxygen, and a certain temperature range to germinate.  We reviewed that seeds use cellular respiration available because of the nutrients in the seed to power seedling growth until the seedling can begin doing photosynthesis.
Slide 2 – Provide students with 3-5 minutes of writing time depending on engagement level.
Slide 3 – Partner share with lab notebook entry (slide 2).  For today, Partner B is seated on the window side of the desk.  Monitor discussions and select a few students to share out based on level of engagement and understanding.
Slide 4 – Remind students that in a seed, the nutrients used during cellular respiration are stored in the cotyledons which themselves cannot do photosynthesis.  The cotyledons fuel the seedling until it can begin doing photosynthesis to capture sunlight energy.
Slide 5 – Textbooks are located on a table in the back of the room.  There are enough for one per table, so students will need to share.  They should begin by reading pages 358-9 and taking notes on the three stages of cellular respiration.  Students may also continue reading (skimming or even just looking at the figures is fine) through page 365 if time permits.  The goal for the day is writing the Introduction paragraph of the lab report, so students should budget their time accordingly.
Slide 6 – Hand out the copies on my desk (one per student) to help the students structure their Introduction paragraphs.  Students should already have the Experimental Purpose, Research Question, and Hypothesis written in their lab notebooks.  The reading and their learning from class should help with the background content (the first few sentences).  Students who wish to type their paragraph may use the class computers.  Please remind students that we will be in computer lab 245 tomorrow, and they need to bring their Intro worksheet along with their lab notebooks which have their Materials, Procedure, and Data Tables.
Slide 7 – If time permits, during the last few minutes of class, request students who appear to have successfully written their Intro section to share the key ideas from their background section.  This will help students who need help narrowing their focus.

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