Energy, Matter, and Organization: Writing a Scientific Conclusion – Day 2

Lots of writing today.  We began class with an entry task in which students were instructed to describe the trends in the data found in the graph on page 2 of yesterday’s case study.  Students were provided with the sentence frame:

Plants grown in _____ hours of light increased/decreased in height over _____ weeks.

After some private think/write time, students shared their work with their table partner.  Students selected at random were asked to publicly share their learning by writing an assigned trend sentence on one of the class white boards.  After we reviewed the example trend sentences for plants grown in 0, 12, 17, or 24 hours of light, students were provided with an EOC-style conclusion worksheet (page 2).  Students had 20-30 minutes of silent write time, and students who finished early were encouraged to exchange papers with a friend and look for the 5 elements on pages 4-5 of the conclusion worksheet packet.


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