Central Dogma: Chromosome Project – Day 1

For this individual student project, please download the following documents:

Additional example slides can be viewed here.  For this project, you will research diseases or health conditions associated with specific genes on the chromosome you have been assigned.  NCBI’s Human Genome Resources website is an excellent place to begin researching which genes are on your assigned chromosome.  Use the template and replace the existing information with your own research.  Add additional slides as needed.  Keep track of all of your work in the activity log.  You will have a new log each day and will turn in the logs along with your PowerPoint project slides next Wednesday (March 4).

Project Grading:

  • Daily Log: 10 points per log (40 points total)
  • PowerPoint slides (50 points total)
  • Reflection (10 points)
  • Presentation (10 points of extra credit)

Want to work on your project from home but need access to Microsoft PowerPoint?  Remember, as students of Highline School District, you already have a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 available for you to download and install on your home computer!  Visit https://login.microsoftonline.com/ and sign in with your school login information.


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