Central Dogma: Chromosome Project – Day 2

Students should download and complete the Day 2 Activity Log to document progress on the chromosome project, saving it to their student drive.  Please review the project description and grading rubric by visiting last Thursday’s post.

Ready to research a specific gene?  Head over to the NCBI Human Genome Resources page and enter your gene name into the “Find a Gene” box on the left panel.  Be sure to select “homo sapiens” in the pull-down box.  When the search completes, click on your gene name (typically the first gene on the list) and browse through the entry.  There is a ton of information provided!  The length of the gene can be found by hovering your mouse over the top green line under the “genomic regions, transcripts, and products” and looking for the number after the word “length.”  The length of the amino acid sequence can be found by clicking on the word “protein” on the right hand side of the page under Related Information.  Browse the entries for the full-length protein and note the number of amino acids in the protein.  The full-length protein can be challenging to find: look for an entry that does not include words like truncated, isoformpredicted, synthetic construct, or unnamed protein product.