Central Dogma: Chromosome Project – Day 3

After two days in the computer lab, students should have compiled enough information for their Chromosome Project to complete page 1 of the PowerPoint template (goal #1).  Next, download and complete the Day 3 Activity Log.  The major focus of today is to identify credible scientific resources and find the information necessary to complete slides 2 and 3 of the PowerPoint.

  • Symptoms and characteristics of the disease/condition:
    • How does someone know they have the disease/condition?
    • What body systems are affected and how?
    • What tests are used to detect the disease/condition?
  • Who is affected?  Who is at risk for having the disease/condition
  • Outlook or quality of life:
    • What happens if the disease/condition goes untreated?
    • What treatment options are currently available?
    • How does treatment affect the disease/condition?
    • What treatment options may be available in the future?

Project scoring update: Many students were unable to locate their Day 1 Activity Log files, suggesting a problem with the student drives.  Out of fairness, the grading rubric will be updated as follows:

  • Minimum of 3 Daily Logs: 10 points per log (30 points total)
  • PowerPoint slides (50 points total)
  • Reflection (10 points)
  • Audience participation during presentations (10 points)
  • Presentation of PowerPoint (10 points of extra credit)

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