Central Dogma: Chromosome Project – Day 4

Today is the fourth and final day of working in the computer lab on the Chromosome Project.  Please download and complete the Day 4 Activity Log.  Students who complete the project before the end of the class period should share their expertise with classmates who would benefit from some additional help.  Remember, the purpose of this project is for each student to identify one disease caused by one gene on one chromosome.  Students are gaining a vast array of skills, including:

  • Using NCBI to research chromosomes, genes, and proteins;
  • Effective using the Internet searches research human diseases or conditions caused by inappropriate gene expression;
  • Applying project management skills to break down a large project into smaller units (the daily activity logs);
  • Working with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to document and share learning;
  • Self-sufficiency by visiting the class website daily, and then reading and following complex written instructions;
  • Teamwork by sharing learning strategies with classmates working through similar learning challenges.

I am very proud of the work I have seen students accomplish over three short days.  Students have been presented with a variety of scheduling challenges, and several have also dealt with technological challenges.  I am impressed with the perseverance of my students and look forward to seeing their finished projects.

**Update: Because of the continued technology challenges, the final PowerPoint project is now worth 50 points, with additional credit awarded for presentations (+10 extra credit) and group participation (+10 extra credit) during presentations.  The reflection assignment (+10) was separately graded as well.


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