Cells & Homeostasis: Lab Safety

We began class with a TED Talk by Suzanne Lee, the designer we read about last Friday who is using bacteria to grow clothing.

For their entry task, students were asked to write at least four sentences answering: In the future, what would you choose to grow?  Why?  We practiced A/B structured partner talk and followed that with a class share-out.

After a brief class discussion, we worked through the PBIS lesson for the day, with each class period sharing thoughts about how the Pirate Way looks in the classroom.  The 5 Pirate Way values are Positive, Respect, Responsibility, Engaged, and Persistent.  After a brief A/B structured partner talk, students provided the following examples of the values in action:

Positive (Period 2)

  • Stay focused
  • Turn in work
  • Turn in work on time
  • Assume positive intent
  • Help each other

Respect (Period 3)

  • No running around
  • Listen when others are talking
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Assume best intent
  • Practice active listening

Responsibility (Period 4)

  • Turning in your work
  • Arrive in class on time
  • Complete your homework
  • Bring materials to class and use them appropriately
  • Pay attention
  • Stay on task
  • Knowing what’s going on

Engaged (Period 5)

  • Actively participating
  • Paying attention
  • Active listening
  • Staying on task
  • Staying focused

We wrapped up with a review of the syllabus (handed out last week), the safety contract (students learned where the equipment is located and should return the signed form tomorrow), and a video about how to use a fire extinguisher:

A few classes finished a bit early and were treated to a video about Algae Girl:


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