Cells & Homeostasis: Social Networking

For our entry task today, students were tasked with constructing a network diagram of the schools they have attended, finishing with Highline High School.  The activity served as a team-building exercise (we created a big class network diagram) and helped review key vocabulary introduced yesterday (system, network, node, and edge).  Students then used their network diagrams from yesterday’s meet-and-greet activity to create a class social network using a ball of purple and gold “Pirate” yarn.  Each student served as a node, and they had to say the name of the student they were tossing the yarn to along with what they shared in common.  By the end of the activity, the students were criss-crossed in yarn, practiced each other’s names, used data collected yesterday, and had a clear visual understanding of a network.  We wrapped up by watching (or finisihing) Aaron Kobelin’s TED Talk posted yesterday.  Students learned that science is a highly collaborative venture, with scientists often working on part of a larger puzzle without actually knowing what the larger puzzle looks like.

We will have a quiz tomorrow – study up!


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