Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Mass and Volume

We began class with a brief review of key vocabulary and concepts introduced in Lesson 3 (matter and energy) and then moved on to the Lesson 4 PowerPoint.  Students reviewed the concepts of mass and volume and then received the Lesson 4 worksheet and a reminder that tonight’s homework includes reading Lesson 4 and answering questions 1-11 on page 16 of the textbook.  Students were then provided with the remainder of the class period to complete the lab outlined in the Lesson 4 worksheet.  Unfortunately, the class period concluded abruptly with our first practice fire drill of the school year.  We will complete the lab at the beginning of class tomorrow.  Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job evacuating the building for the fire drill and for behaving appropriately while waiting for the all-clear.  I continue to be extraordinarily impressed with the level of maturity and leadership my chemistry students exhibit on a daily basis.


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