Cells & Homeostasis: Egg Lab Data Day 2

Class began with a brief review of where we left off yesterday with the Egg Lab, followed by students writing today’s steps of the experimental procedure.  After being checked off for having written out the steps, students put on gloves and carefully rinsed their eggs and cups.  They took the mass of their eggs (the “after water – 9/23” mass) and recorded it in their lab notebooks.  Finally, they chose one of the offered liquids (distilled water, 30% salt water, 50% corn syrup, 10% dish soap, or canola oil) or used a student-supplied school-appropriate liquid.  Liquid was added to the cup (enough to cover the egg) and the cups were scattered around the room for observation.

After adding the liquid, students shared out their egg mass data along with their selected liquid.  The data were collated and will be available as an Excel file for analysis on Friday.  The students then toured the room, making observations about the eggs after they had been in liquid for 15-20 minutes.  During the last few minutes of class, students began thinking about how they would draw a model to represent the movement of matter across the cell membrane.  Students also received a reading packet and are responsible for reading pages 76-80 before the quiz on Friday.  Students were encouraged to look through the reading this evening and to come to class prepared with questions to discuss during class tomorrow.


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