Cells & Homeostasis: Egg Lab Data Day 3

On this third day of data collection for the egg lab, students observed their eggs after 24 hours in the liquid they chose yesterday.  Students once again gently rinsed their eggs and cups, then measured and recorded the mass.  The eggs were placed back in the cups and then filled with tap water for one final day.  Students shared out their egg mass data and we began crafting a model to help fit their observations.  We focused on the eggs in corn syrup (they shriveled) and in distilled water (several popped), with students beginning to reason through what may have entered and left the egg across the cell membrane.  We concluded with students receiving the Friday quiz to work on as homework and to help them focus their reading from the packet that went home yesterday.  Students who complete the quiz as homework will have the opportunity to boil their egg in class tomorrow and observe the process of an egg boiling without a shell.


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