Cells & Homeostasis: Egg Lab Data Day 4

We concluded the Egg Lab with one final day of data collection.  After students turned in the quiz they received yesterday, they had the opportunity to measure the mass of their egg one last time before making final observations.  Some students elected to boil their egg, others dissected their egg, and some did both.  Students noticed how some of the liquids turned the egg membrane a certain color, taking on the color of the liquid the egg had been in.  Others noticed the cytoplasm also turned the same color as the membrane.  Some students found the consistency of the egg cytoplasm to be very watery, while others had a more viscous consistency.  Brave students also smelled the inside of their dissected eggs, finding them to smell like vinegar and perhaps also like the liquid they tested their egg in (chocolate milk and vinegar had a particularly memorable smell).  These observations will enable students to update their models of membrane activity as we continue through the unit.  Students were reminded to read pages 76-80 of the reading packet from Wednesday so that they are prepared to learn about the scientific concepts behind cell membrane activity on Monday.  Students will also share out their final egg mass on Monday, and the class data will be posted then for analysis.  Students will apply their learning from the lab, the reading, and our classroom discussions, as well as their analysis of the lab data to a lab report they will write next week.


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