Cells & Homeostasis: Membrane Function

Every now and then we have to take a day of class to “sit and get” – a day of class where students learn and review important science concepts designed to help them make sense of their lab observations and use science to explain what they saw.  Today was one of those days.  Students learned about how the cell membrane works, focusing on the concepts of osmosis and transport.  Students should review the Membrane Functions PowerPoint slide deck and commit the vocabulary terms to memory.  The aquaporin claymation video included in the slide deck is also provided below for easy access:


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Hunting the Elements

In preparation for Lessons 9 and 10 in which the Periodic Table is introduced, students watched the first half of the PBS Nova video, “Hunting the Elements” – we finished at the 48 minute mark today.  Students will have a substitute teacher tomorrow and will finish the video in class.

Updated 9/29: Special thanks to our substitute, Mr. Burke.  He informed me students were able to watch through the 1:29:00 mark of the video.  Students are encouraged to finish the video outside of class.  Students should read Lesson 9 before class tomorrow and come prepared to extend their learning of the Periodic Table.