Cells & Homeostasis: PBL Research – Day 3

After reaching out to stakeholders yesterday, many student groups were excited to report their stakeholder had replied back!  Energized by the connection, students embraced the task of researching and then using their understanding of science to propose a solution to reduce the effect and frequency of harmful algal blooms on the Puget Sound ecosystem.  To help guide their research efforts, students were encouraged to review the Know and Need to Know lists they assembled last week when we kicked off the Problem Based Learning task (see October 15th post).  Today, students also learned that they will have a few additional days of computer-based research time, and they began thinking about how they will represent their individual projects to their stakeholders on Tuesday, November 3.


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Formation of Elements

Before introducing the final lesson in Chapter 3 explains how elements are formed (through alpha and beta decay (fission) of through fusion), we reviewed student questions about Lesson 15 (pictured below):


For Lesson 16, we looked through the PowerPoint and then students used the last 20 minutes of class to work on the Lesson 16 Worksheet.  Students should also complete questions 1-6 from the textbook.