Cells & Homeostasis: PBL Research – Day 5

We completed our first week of problem-based learning (PBL) with a quiz about Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), an opportunity for students to reflect on how well their group has been working together, and a call for questions about the work we have been doing.  Based on student feedback, here are several documents for students to review, reference, and print if desired to better help them understand our work:

Information about the HAB PBL

Rubric for the HAB PBL Research phase of the project

Rubric for the HAB PBL Presentation phase of the project

Multiplier Worksheet (for groups with inequitable member contributions)

We will work today in a computer lab, with students encouraged to use the time efficiently to discuss the current state of their group’s project and to identify any opportunities for research to fill gaps in group knowledge before spending the next two days in class working on the tri-fold (or equivalent) presentation content.