Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Ions

Our learning about electrons continued with the Lesson 19 PowerPoint introducing students to the concept of ions.  Students received the Noble Gas Envy handout and we walked through the example on the whiteboard.  The discussion prompted a student question about how two atoms of hydrogen bind with an oxygen atom to form a water molecule which was also captured on the whiteboard (pictured below).  For classwork, students received the Lesson 19 Worksheet and the Ion Cards Game Cards that accompanies it.  For homework, students should complete the Lesson 19 textbook questions #2-16 (evens only).



Cells & Homeostasis: Practice PBL Presentations

Students worked on their tri-fold posters all class period, printing content and practicing presentations.  While they worked, student groups were challenged to come up with three questions to anticipate from visitors to their group’s poster on Tuesday.  Examples of questions to anticipate:

  • Why did you pick your solution?
  • How did you select your group’s members?