Cells & Homeostasis: Revise PBL Posters – Day 2

Students spent the short Friday class period putting the finishing touches on tri-folds in preparation for presentation day on Tuesday.  While they worked, students were reminded to discuss questions (and their own responses) they might anticipate from audience members, and to consider how to engage their audience members with questions about career paths.  On Monday, students will share their lists of anticipated questions, receive a list of questions they will be asking audience members about career paths, and then spend the class period practicing their presentations and fine-tuning their tri-folds.


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Review Lessons 17-19

We spent the short Friday class period catching up on work from the first three lessons of Chapter 4 (Lessons 17-19).  As a reminder, the assignments from this week are as follows:

Lesson 17: Worksheet and textbook Qs #1–2

Lesson 18: Worksheet and textbook Qs #3-10

Lesson 19: Worksheet and textbook Qs #2-16 (evens)

Looking to dig deeper into the Periodic Table?  Check out the Dynamic Periodic Table website and explore the rich collection of data for all of the elements in the table.

Students should read Lesson 20 this weekend to prepare for class on Monday.  Also, the quarter ends on Friday, November 6, so students should make every effort to catch up on missing work to ensure their quarter grade accurately reflects their current mastery of course content.