Energy, Matter, and Organization: Food: Our Body’s Source of Energy

Special thank you to Mr. Frank for helping guide my biology students through the day.  Students are expected to adhere to our new seating chart and use class time efficiently to complete the following work:

  1. Finish the Relating Nutrition & Chronic Disease worksheet packet from yesterday.  The packet should be turned in when completed.
  2. Complete the Google Classroom assignment Food: Our Body’s Source of Energy reading and Google Doc worksheet.
  3. Students who finish should ensure they have competed the previous Google Classroom assignment Why Can’t You Hold Your Breath Forever?
  4. The next assignment will be the Molecules Reading assignment already loaded in Google Classroom.

Molecular Structure and Properties: Structural Formulas

Special thanks to Mr. Frank for guiding students through the Lesson 29 PowerPoint.  The lesson follows up on learning from Lesson 28, with students working in the same groups of four to hypothesize how unknown compounds will smell based on the properties of compounds studied in the previous lesson.  Students are welcome to retrieve the Lesson 28 worksheet they turned in yesterday in order to complete the Lesson 29 worksheet.  Both should be turned in at the end of class.  For homework, students should complete Lesson 29 textbook questions #3-7.


  1. Use the wafting technique when sniffing the new compounds.
  2. We do not have access to butyric acid at school, but rest assured, it smells awful (putrid – literally like vomit).  Learn more about butyric acid at
  3. Please save the tubes for Ms. Schulze’s 4th period chemistry class.