Molecular Structure and Properties: Bonding Tendencies

Students received their graded Unit 1 Exams back today.  The scores were generally very good, although one question missed by several students had to do with the origin of precious metals on Earth.  While the exams were being returned, students watched the video below explaining how those metals are formed when a star becomes a supernova.

After the video, we revisited Lesson 29 after students explained they were unable to locate the mystery scents yesterday.  As “luck” would have it, I was able to find butyric acid in the chemical supply room, so students had the option of experiencing a putrid smell in addition to the sweet smells of apricot and artificial rum extracts.  We connected the smells with the chemical name endings learned in Lesson 28 and then moved on to Lesson 30.  We reviewed the Lesson 30 PowerPoint and then worked together as a class on the first four problems of the Lesson 30 Worksheet.

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Biomolecules

We began the day with an entry task designed to pull forward student learning about cellular respiration just before the Thanksgiving holiday break.  The white board summary showing the entry task, as well as the formulas for both cellular respiration and photosynthesis are shown below:

We then transitioned to a class assignment where students were divided into four teams, with each team responsible for answering one quarter of the worksheet questions answered in the Crash Course Biomolecules video (below).  After the video, student groups worked together to talk through their responses to ensure consistency.  Finally, students re-grouped in order to share answers, thus serving to review the video content and provide students the opportunity to discuss and debate answers.