Energy, Matter, and Organization: Revise Initial Model

Class was divided into two parts today: organizing student portfolios and using the work to revise the initial model from the second day of the unit.  For the first part, students received a worksheet with a list of all of the Unit 2 assignments to date.  They located the work and checked off completed items.  The process gave students a clear idea of their progress toward work completion in the class.  To gauge comprehension, students used their work to revise their initial models of how someone can survive an extreme scenario (like running from a fire or swimming the English Channel).  By thinking through the process of how the body systems interact and obtain and use energy, students are primed for the writing assessment for tomorrow.  After the assessment, students will turn in their portfolios for grading over the weekend, with the portfolio grade, revised initial model, and writing assessment comprising the majority of their mid-quarter grade.