Energy, Matter, and Organization: Complete Potato Catalase Lab Report with Extension

Students began the day with an entry task asking them to reflect back on the potato catalase lab from before the break, locate and/or recall how temperature was affected by the reaction, and then to use science thinking to come up with a “why” statement.  Students successfully reasoned through the idea that the increased temperature observed during the reaction was attributed to the net release of energy from the bonds breaking from hydrogen peroxide and reforming to produce water and oxygen.  Students were then introduced to the vocabulary terms of exothermic and endothermic.  After the entry task, we briefly reviewed the Unit 2 calendar, clearly noting the scheduled quizzes, project deliverables, and dissection week.  Students were then treated to a job posting showing the clear market demand for individuals skilled at dissection.  Students were then released to:

  1. Work with their lab group to complete and turn in the lab report
  2. When finished with the lab report, repeat the potato catalase experiment with fresh potato, baked potato, and frozen potato.


Molecular Structure and Properties: Ball-and-Stick Models

We kicked off the New Year with Lesson 36, the first lesson of Chapter 7.  The Lesson 36 PowerPoint introduced students to the vocabulary term “ball-and-stick model” and students worked in groups of four to complete the Lesson 36 Worksheet.  Students were assigned textbook questions 1-6 as homework.  Notes from the whiteboard are pictured below: