Molecular Structure and Properties: Electronegativity Scale

After learning about the concepts of electronegativity and polarity in yesterday’s lesson, students learned how scientist Linus Pauling assigned electronegativity values to individual atoms as a measure of how strongly an atom attracts electrons.  The Lesson 44 PowerPoint includes a copy of the periodic table with electronegativity values for each element.  It also explains the difference in electronegativity between covalent bonds (0.5 and less), polar covalent bonds (between 0.5-2.1), and ionic bonds (greater than 2.1).  The Lesson 44 Worksheet provides students with the opportunity to calculate the electronegativity difference between two atoms in a molecule and to use that information to determine the type of bond that is present between the two atoms.  For homework, students are assigned questions 1-9 (odds).


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