Energy, Matter, and Organization: PSSC Marine Tech Visit

Mr. Joe Weiss from the PSSC Marine Tech Lab visited with students today to share information about the Marine Science & Technology program he offers at the Marine Tech Lab down at Seahurst Park.  Mr. Weiss explained the program (his PowerPoint presentation provides an excellent overview), answered student questions, and provided materials about PSSC for interested students to review and discuss with their counselors here at HHS.  Students are also encouraged to visit the PSSC website to learn more about all of the different programs offered.

After, we reviewed the concepts likely to be included on the Unit 2 Exam scheduled for Thursday next week.  Students may prepare one page of notes (notebook paper, front and back) to use on the exam.  Specifically, students should review:

  • the 4 classes of biomolecules (including the subunits and atoms comprising the subunits)
  • negative feedback
  • potential and kinetic energy
  • the connection between matter and energy
  • conservation of energy and matter
  • inputs and outputs of cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and combustion
  • how to write a scientific explanation using a claim, evidence (data), and scientific reasoning