Central Dogma: Content Pre-assessment

We began class with an assessment of what students know and need to know about the content we will cover in Unit 3 (Central Dogma).  Students received a worksheet with a list of science standards (both Washington State and Next Generation Science Standards) as well as a list of vocabulary words.

The majority of the class period was used to guide students through the process of writing a full-credit EOC-style conclusion using the writing prompt from the Unit 2 Exam.  We thoroughly reviewed how to use the exam as a resource, how to carefully dissect the scenario and data table that are provided as part of the prompt, and how to use the provided list of bullet points to write the conclusion.  An example of the prompt (after markup) and a writing sample are provided below:

My 5th period class finished early and was treated to the following classic video of the 1971 hit video Protein Synthesis: an epic on the cellular level:


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