Mitosis: Modeling Mitosis

After assembling into project groups of 3-4 students, groups were tasked with modeling the process of mitosis using modeling clay.  Students documented their work by taking pictures (extra credit for stop-motion video) and emailing them to the teacher.  The modeling activity served to reinforce the steps of mitosis and provided students with a creative way to share their learning.


Weather: Gay-Lussac’s Law

For lesson 59, we learned about Gay-Lussac’s Law (P=kT), the third gas law needed to connect pressure, volume, and temperature.  Gay-Lussac’s Law helps explain the egg-in-a-bottle trick, where boiled water displaces the air inside a bottle, and as the water condenses, an egg placed over the bottle will be pulled inside because of the change in pressure inside the bottle.  The Lesson 59 worksheet and Lesson 59 PowerPoint are available for download.