Mitosis: Mitosis Project

Today students launched in to the Mitosis Project.  The project outline can be viewed here.  Below are some resources for groups as they begin conducting research on their topic:

  1. Mitochondrial replication
  2. Chloroplast replication
  3. Binary fission in bacteria
  4. Muscle growth and repair
  5. Epigenetics and regulation of gene expression
  6. Homeobox genes in embryogenesis
  7. Limb regeneration in newts and salamanders
  8. C. elegans cell fate mapping
  9. Cancer and metastasis
  10. The effect of smoking on lung cells
  11. The effect of alcohol on liver cells
  12. Retrovirus infection

Additional information for each project topic can be found on the Mitosis Project Resources page.  Remember to cite sources using APA format – Citation Machine can help simplify the process.


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