Variation and Inheritance: Introduction to Meiosis

We launched Unit 4 with an introduction to the concept of meiosis.  We began with a Crash Course video about heredity (below) and then followed that with a reading assignment.  Students completed the reading from Chapter 4 of Inside the Cell (pages 52-59), answering the “Got It?” questions on page 59 in their lab notebooks.


Weather: Humidity, Condensation

For Lesson 66, students learned the definition of humidity on slide 5 of the Lesson 66 PowerPoint.  Students then broke into groups and conducted the lab outlined in the Lesson 66 Worksheet.  The worksheet packet also included a copy of the Relative Humidity Handout to use for calculations.  For homework, students may work through any 4 problems from the textbook (or take notes on the reading – always an option!).  Students were also reminded that we will have the Chapter 12 quiz next Tuesday and the Unit 3 exam next Thursday.