EOC Review: Review of Units 1 and 2

To help prepare students for the Biology End of Course exam, students received two different practice worksheets.  By treating the cell organelle matching worksheet (page 1) as a quiz (no talking, no cell phones, no collaboration), students were able to self-assess their preparedness for that section of the EOC.  After about 15 minutes of private think time, we reviewed the answers as a class.  Students were then tasked with answering the cellular respiration and photosynthesis questions on the back of page 3 of the worksheets.  Again, we reviewed the answers as a class after some quiet work time (pictured below).  Finally, we concluded with 15 EOC-style questions (13 multiple choice and 2 short answer) that reinforced the organelle practice.  Students were then encouraged to review the organelles at home, and blank note cards were offered to students who want to make flash cards as a review tool.

Office Lens 20160516-141553.jpg


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