The Copper Cycle

In their assigned homework reading of Lesson 7 of the textbook, students learned about chemical changes, and the lesson references the penny lab as an example (originally from lesson 2 in the textbook, we will conduct the penny lab next week).  For our abbreviated Friday class period, students were introduced to the concept of Conservation of Mass via the Copper Cycle.

Because the Copper Cycle experiment involves steps that must be conducted in a fume hood, we opted to watch a video (below), with students taking observations on their Copper Cycle handout.  For reference, students also received a copy of the Copper Cycle experimental procedure.

For homework, students were assigned Lesson 7 textbook questions 1, 5, and 6 (page 30).  In addition, students should read Lesson 8 prior to class on Monday.



Principles of Bioethics

In our abbreviated Friday class period, students had the opportunity to check out a biology textbook to take home and use as a study guide.  For the remaining time in class, we continued our study of bioethics by taking notes on the Principles of Bioethics and then applying that learning to the bioethical problem of vaccination.  Students learned about a measles outbreak in the United States back in early 2015 by watching the video below.  After, they filled out the Focus on the Principles worksheet with the ethical question of “Should healthy people choose not to be vaccinated?”