The Periodic Table

After conducting the Penny Lab yesterday, students went back to work in small groups, tackling the Lesson 10 worksheet with their groups from Lesson 9.  They reconstructed their periodic tables using the cards from Lesson 9, then identified trends in the table to fill in the worksheet.  For homework, students are to read Lesson 10 and complete questions 1, 2, and 4-8 on page 48.  Homework is due on Monday, September 25.

As a reminder, we have some scientists visiting us tomorrow as guest speakers.  Students should report directly to the PAC auditorium, sit as a class, and take notes during the event.  Students are encouraged to ask questions of the speakers!

Update: Monday, September 25

Our work for the day involved a thorough review of the key content included in Lesson 10.  The Power Point slides are available here.  Students also received a paper copy of the Periodic Table to use on exams and quizzes.  For homework, students should read Lesson 11.

For pleasure, students should consider reading a few pages from Sam Kean’s book titled The Disappearing Spoon.  Click this link for the section of the book about Ytterby Lanthanides.  It begins with the sentence “In 1701, a braggadocian teenager…” and you will need to click the hyperlinked blue “Page >>” in the upper left hand corner to reveal the full reading passage.  Continue reading through the next three full pages ending in “…Galapagos Island of the periodic table.”  You will be glad you did!


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