Microscope Observations

Class began with a brief entry task asking students to recall the parts of the microscope.  Students learned (or re-learned from 8th grade) the parts of the microscope in the Gizmo from yesterday.

Next, for our first lab of Unit 1, students observed and made observations about various sections of plant and animal tissues under the microscope.  Participation credit was received for students who sketched a sample, added color to the section drawn, and who labeled the visible organelles contained in a representative cell within the section.  Students also needed to write down the name of the sample they observed and the magnification at which the observation was made.

Students were provided with the template below to organize the work of the members in their group.  Each team member was responsible for filling in at least one quadrant of the paper.  The work was due at the end of class and credit was received by students who completed the assignment as described above.


Valence and Core Electrons / Pre-lab

In preparation for the Flame Lab tomorrow, students received the handout for the lab and were given the first 15 minutes of class to read the lab and begin working through the pre-lab questions (due tomorrow).  After, we worked through the Lesson 18 PowerPoint and then students partnered up to complete the Lesson 18 Worksheet and the Table of Valence and Core Electrons..  For homework, students should work through questions #1-10 at the end of Lesson 18 in the textbook in addition to completing the Flame Test pre-lab questions.