Website Credibility

Using resources provided by our amazing librarian, students learned techniques to determine whether an online resource is credible.  We began with a discussion of how students determine whether or not a resource is credible:

After a brief discussion, we discussed the concepts of credibility, authority, currency, and accuracy.  Students recorded the following notes in their notebooks:

Students then received four sets of cards to order from most to least credible.  The cards included information from a web search about increasing hurricane intensity.  Our librarian collected information from each website (author, sponsor, date, and sources) and prepared cards for students to use in the activity.  An example of student work is shown below:

To complete the assignment, students were tasked with selecting two cards from each set (author, sponsor, date, and sources) and explaining why one card is more credible than the other using the following sentence frame, “Card A is more credible than Card B because…” and inserting the written contents from cards A and B into the sentence.  Students completing all four sentences received credit for the assignment.