Egg Lab Day 1 / Initial Model

Using the procedure written last Thursday, students initiated the Egg Lab by beginning the process of dissolving egg shells with vinegar.  Each student received an egg, a cup, and enough vinegar to cover their egg.  We will replace the vinegar tomorrow and begin our experiment on Wednesday.

The remainder of class was used to explore a real case study in which a young woman took Ecstasy at a party and ended up in the hospital.  Students took on the role of the doctor who was able to learn a bit about the woman and who also ordered blood work.  After reviewing the results of the blood work, students were tasked with sharing their thinking in the form of an initial model.  Working alone or with a partner, students drew and wrote about what they thought was happening in the woman’s body before she took the drug, when she became sick, and how her body ultimately was unable to handle the toxic side effects of the drug.  We will learn more about body systems tomorrow and apply that learning to construct a stronger explanation of why the woman died in our work later this week.