Lesson 25 / demo lab

Because of the earthquake drill disrupting the quiz yesterday, students in both chemistry classes received the first 10 minutes of class to complete their quiz.  As a result of the shortened class period, the Lesson 25 PowerPoint was abbreviated to include key vocabulary and the Lesson 25 lab was conducted as a teacher demo with student assistance.  All students received the Lesson 25 Worksheet and those who finished their quiz had time to make predictions about whether the test substances would conduct electricity and/or dissolve in water.  Students shared out their predictions with the class and then we proceeded to test those predictions during the demonstration.  After collecting the results, students were tasked with completing the front of the worksheet as homework.

Unit 1 Review

Our work in Unit 1 came to a close today with students working as a class to explain why Lena Bedolla died after taking Ecstasy.  We filled out the Blood-Brain Barrier worksheet to help explain what happened to Lena as a result of her consuming Ecstasy and drinking a lot of water.  A copy of our work is shown below:

Students had the remainder of the class period to complete their Egg Lab reports (due by midnight Friday) and to prepare one page of notes that can be used on the Unit 1 Exam tomorrow and Friday.