Lesson 26

We began class by revisiting the Lesson 25 worksheet from yesterday, focusing on Analysis questions 1-4 and compiling our thoughts as shown:

That work led to a broader discussion of bonding, the theme of Lesson 26.  I introduced the concepts of Lewis Dot Structures, covalent bonds, and polar molecules.  I used those concepts to explain why ionic compounds dissolve in water, thus enabling them to conduct electricity.  The intent was for students to develop an understanding for where our study of chemistry is headed and to challenge them to stay actively engaged in their learning.  Notes from that portion of the lesson are shown below:

For the final portion of the class period, students received a handout depicting the four models of chemical bonding.  They then worked in groups of four to categorize the Substance Cards and record their learning on the Lesson 26 worksheet (one per student group).