Quiz Corrections / Catch-up Day

We concluded the week with students receiving back their graded Chapter 4 quizzes.  Students have the opportunity to earn back 1/2 the value of each question they got wrong by completing the following instructions:

  1. Write the correct answer and cite a credible scientific source (i.e. textbook page number)
  2. Explain what you were thinking when you selected the incorrect answer.

Credit will not be given for incomplete revisions.  

Students also had the opportunity to catch up on any missing assignments and begin studying for the Unit 1 Exam coming up next Thursday and Friday.


  1. Homework for Lessons 25-27 is now optional.  Students are encouraged to work the problems listed in the Unit 1 Homework list but it does not need to be turned in and will not be scored for credit.
  2. All missing Unit 1 work must be turned in by next Friday, November 3.