Lesson 27 lab

Following up on the Lesson 27 pre-lab from yesterday, students were tasked with thinking through their setup and identifying one variable to manipulate in the lab today that would yield observable results (the responding variable).  Such manipulated variables included battery type, direction of current flow, choice of metals, and concentration of acetic acid.  Students had the remainder of the class period to set up their experiments, record observations, refine if necessary, and repeat yesterday’s experiment if insufficient data was recorded yesterday.  This work will be written into a lab report next week.



We kicked off Unit 2 with the following entry task:

In your notebook, make three columns with the following titles:

Carbohydrate       Lipid       Protein

List as many foods as you can in the appropriate columns.

Next, students were shown an image of a traditional Thanksgiving meal and we discussed the components of the meal, placing each food item in the appropriate food category.  Students then used this thinking as they took the Unit 2 Pre-Assessment which called on them to label the parts of a cheeseburger and place those food parts into the food categories from the entry task.  The remainder of the Pre-Assessment asked students to explain the processes of digestion, absorption, and biosynthesis.

Students who completed the Pre-Assessment early were able to spend the remainder of the class period finalizing their Egg Lab reports (due tomorrow by midnight).